Here's the Meat

  • The Series is open to Women's Teams* registered with Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS). (*leading team member/pitmaster must be female). You will need your KCBS member number when registering for the Fire & Ice Series. To register your team with KCBS, click here.

  • All points earned in KCBS Team-of-the-Year contests from 1/1/17 through 10/30/17 will count toward the Fire & Ice points chase.

  • The top ten (10) teams by 10/30/17 will be granted a Golden Ticket and a travel stipend to attend the World Food Championships, where they will face off in two contests:
    Day 1: Teams will compete in a short, 2-hour Fire & Ice grilling challenge in which teams can grill ANY food using Cowboy® Lump Charcoal as the heat source. (This "Griller's Choice" will be judged by a panel using WFC's E.A.T. methodology)
    Day 2: Teams will compete at the World Barbecue Championship, using the standard KCBS sanctioned rules and processes.

  • The Fire & Ice Series Final winners will be determined by the combined points, equally weighted, from both contests.


    Grand Champion: Prize Package of $10,000
    Reserve Grand Champion: Prize Package of $5,000
    3rd Place: Prize Package of $2,500
    4th Place: Prize Package of $1,500
    5th – 10th Place: Prize Package of $1,000