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Heather Sinyard
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To have an event that focuses on showing women are just as talented as men are, that’s really awesome and very needed.

Heather Sinyard from Cleveland, Ga., has quite the impressive culinary background. She is a trained chef, has owned her own restaurant and catering business, and now serves on the marketing team for Spring Mountain Farms. So it's no surprise that this well-rounded foodie found her way into the world of competitive barbeque.

"While working as a main street manager for a local small town I created a barbeque event," explains Sinyard. "I fell in love with the competitive barbeque world and after two years of planning events I decided I wanted to compete."

Since catching the barbeque fever, Sinyard created her team Crimson Q with her husband Richard. They have been traveling the country competing together for five years now.

"We started out doing a few, and now we've worked our way up to competing in 10 to 13 competitions a year," shared Sinyard.

During the 2017 barbeque season, Heather placed in the top ten of all women-led barbeque teams, which earned her the right to participate in the finals of Cowboy Charcoal's Fire & Ice Women's Barbeque Championship at the World Food Championships this past November.

Sinyard traveled to Orange Beach, Ala., for the second year of this fiery female barbeque battle. The competition consists of a two-day challenge against nine other female pitmasters for the chance to win a share of the $25,000 prize package.

Day one of competition kicked off with a two-hour "grilling" challenge. Sinyard served the panel of judges a Stuffed Pork Chop that she had practiced to perfection.

"The biggest difference for me this year is that I had more time to practice," said Sinyard. "I had time to do several full run-throughs before leaving for Orange Beach."

Despite feeling confident in her recipe and preparation, the heat of the competition is always unpredictable. When Sinyard went to cook her pork chops she noticed her grill was not hot enough. Fortunately, the seasoned pro knew just how to rectify the situation and get back on track.

"There's always something that goes wrong, and that's why you've got to be quick on your feet," said Sinyard. "Those two hours go by so fast!"

The Cleveland pitmaster's scores left her in the middle of the pack at end of the opening round of competition. Sinyard now prepared to redeem herself the following day in the barbeque round.

The next day in the final round of competition, contestants competed in a traditional barbeque challenge where they prepared the four standard KCBS meats over the course of several hours. Chicken, pork, ribs and beef brisket were each turned in a half hour apart and judged to determine an overall score. Sinyard put her best foot forward as she attempted to break away from the middle of the pack and take home one of the top two prizes.

However, as the second year of the Cowboy Charcoal's Fire & Ice Women's Barbeque Championship Series came to a close, Sinyard would fall short of grasping one of the top spots. But she didn't walk away empty-handed. For her fourth-place finish, she received a $1000 gift certificate from Manning Jewelry.

The Fire & Ice Women's Barbeque Series was started in 2016 by Cowboy Charcoal in an effort to shine a light on the best ladies in barbeque. Sinyard shared her thoughts on how this event helps give lady pitmasters like herself a platform.

"The cooking profession, in general, is still heavily male-dominated," explained Sinyard. "To have an event that focuses on showing women are just as talented as men are, that's really awesome and very needed."