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Bethany McAllister

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Bethany McAllister
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This is a great opportunity to get the news out there that ladies can do this too. This is not just a sport for guys!

Bethany McAllister arrived at the World Food Championships in Orange Beach, Ala. this past November with a big bullseye on her back. That's because she was in the number one spot amongst all the lady pitmasters in the competitive barbeque circuit. Her first-place standing qualified her to compete with nine other females in the second annual Cowboy Charcoal Fire & Ice Women's Barbeque Series Championship.

Although she has been cooking competitively for 4 years in barbeque under the team name of 913 BBQ, this was McAllister's first time participating in the ladies-only Fire & Ice challenge.The top-ranked lady competitor was really eager to be a part of this one-of-a-kind, female-only challenge at Food Sport's biggest stage.

"It looked like a really fun experience for lady pitmasters to come together as well as a good opportunity to be a part of WFC," explained McAllister.

The Fire & Ice finals involved two days and two challenges. The competition kicked off on November 10 with a two-hour "grilling" challenge. The ladies used Cowboy Charcoal and a Bull Outdoor grill to create a dish of their choice for a panel of special judges. For McAllister, this round was the most intimidating.

"I was a little nervous at first because I never competed in a grilling challenge quite like the one we had to compete in and I didn't know what to expect," said McAllister, who is from Olathe, Kansas.

The lady pitmaster's strategy going into the opening round was "keep it simple." McAllister presented the panel of judges with a homestyle grilled pork tenderloin over a bed of mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, her score got mashed as well, leaving her in the bottom of the pack after day one.

During the second and final round of competition, McAllister was much more confident in the traditional barbeque portion of the championship. McAllister managed to defend her number one lady pitmaster spot, placing first with a score of 691.3256.

Despite her impressive performance on day two of the competition, though, McAllister found herself in the middle of the pack, finishing sixth overall. McAllister may have left Orange Beach without the champ title, but said her first Fire & Ice experience was truly rewarding.

"This is a great opportunity to get the news out there that ladies can do this too. This is not just a sport for guys!" she boasted.