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Beth Mewborn

Beth Mewborn
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It’s just a lot of fun to have that comradery between you and some other females that share that same bond.

A teacher by trade and barbequer by choice, Beth Mewborn started competing in 2013 after she and her husband Justin saw a barbeque tv show and thought "we can do that." Since then, her team, J & B BBQ, have been competing consistently as a family while traveling the KCBS circuit.

Since the Second Annual Cowboy Charcoal's Fire & Ice Barbeque Series is ladies only with a strict "no boys allowed" policy, Mewborn picked an assistant for the competition that could benefit from the challenge's female-empowering mission.

"It was important for me to have my daughter Olivia be a part of the competition with me this year," explains Mewborn. "I thought this would be a good experience for her to take part and a special treat for her birthday."

Eight-year-old Olivia used the skills from previous Kids Que' competitions that she competes in throughout the year to assist her mom in the race for the Fire & Ice title.

"She has a few recipes she's comfortable cooking, so she and I practiced the dish several times," said Mewborn. "I wanted to cook a dish that she could help with, so I purposely picked something I knew she would be comfortable with and maybe that hurt our scores in the end, but her involvement was more important than scores."

Olivia was a big help to her pitmaster mom during the opening two-hour grillin' round. The lady pitmasters used Cowboy Charcoal and a Bull Outdoor grill to create a dish of their choice for a panel of special judges. Olivia handled the prep work for the J & B BBQ's steak taco dish while mom manned the grill.

"She did great and I'm very proud of her performance," said Mewborn. "She did cut her finger on a vegetable peeler, but that didn't stop her. She got bandaged up and was right back at it."

Mewborn's nerves were much calmer for the barbeque portion of the competition. In the second and final round of competition, the pitmasters competed in a traditional barbeque competition with the contestants preparing the four standard KCBS meats over the course of several hours. Chicken, pork, ribs and beef brisket were each turned in a half hour apart and judged to determine an overall score.

"Barbeque is our realm and I know it like the back of my hand," shared Mewborn. "The only hiccup was going to compete at the World Food Championship with two brand new smokers."

In the end, Mewborn and her daughter's performance fell short of placing in the top spot of Fire & Ice. Despite their standing, though, Mewborn was happy with what her team accomplished and has positive thoughts on the overall experience.

"The atmosphere was fantastic this year. The location of where they held the Fire & Ice Challenge on site really gave consumers an opportunity to see what was going on and encouraged interaction with the cooks," said Mewborn. "It's just a lot of fun to have that comradery between you and some other females that share that same bond."