Hot Pass Winner
Memphis in May

Brooke Lewis

Shed BBQ

“Watch out [men] because the ladies are ‘coming out hot!’ And we are ready to win. I think this competition is a great way to encourage more ladies to get involved in barbecue and break down the barrier. “

Cowboy Charcoal just named the second HOT PASS winner of its Fire & Ice Women’s Barbeque Series.

Now in its third year of sponsoring the all-female pitmaster competition, Cowboy Charcoal decided to spice things up by allowing five qualifiers to bypass the year-long points race by winning a HOT PASS at specific events during the barbeque season. The remaining five qualifiers will earn their way through the traditional KCBS points race process. All ten will then go head to head in a two-day finale at the World Food Championships in Orange Beach, Ala.,

The second lady-pitmaster to snag a HOT PASS was Brooke Lewis of The Shed BBQ. Thanks to her performance at Memphis in May in Memphis, Tennessee on May 16-19, 2018, Lewis qualified for the final in November.

Brooke Lewis is co-owner of The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. She is an active competitor and television personality, appearing on multiple national networks such as Travel Channel, HGTV, Food Network, ABC, NBC, HLN, VH1, PBS and Destination America. You may recognize Brooke and The Shed BBQ family from their 2013, six-part series called “The Shed” on Food Network. Brooke is the host of the Mississippi Gulf Coast-based show “Cook With Brooke,” brought to you by WGUD Scranton Broadcasting.

Lewis, who is a self-proclaimed independent woman, is ecstatic to take part in a competition focused on showcasing talented ladies in barbeque.

“Over the years, barbeque has become less male-dominated with powerhouse ladies stepping in and showcasing their talents. When it comes to girls getting out there and cooking with fire, I'm the number one advocate,” explained Lewis. “Watch out [men] because the ladies are ‘coming out hot!’ And we are ready to win. I think this competition is a great way to encourage more ladies to get involved in barbecue and break down the barrier. “

The Shed BBQ Team, which is made up of Lewis and her brother Brad Orrison, have claimed the top spots in a variety of barbeque competitions through the years. Their list of accolades includes being the 2018 and 2015 Memphis in May World Grand Champions, and 2014 and 2015 World Food Championships first place brisket winners. Lewis is also a co-owner and active operator of The Saucery LLC. The Saucery serves as the National headquarters for The Shed’s retail line of “Junk-Free” products (junk-free made with gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients), such as BBQ sauces, marinades, and rubs. Their line can be found on over 8,000 shelves across the United States and multiple countries. In addition, Brooke is also an active member of the National BBQ Association where she is a keynote speaker on the art of catering and food presentation.

The seasoned barbeque pro has shown her passion for the pit since the early age of 19 when she and her brother open their first barbeque restaurant. Since then, her drive and love for the world of barbeque have only increased. So what’s this lady pitmasters favorite part of competing?

“My favorite thing about competitive barbeque is the camaraderie and the friendship. With that said, I compete to win,” said Lewis. “And with any family, competition keeps the energy fun. It definitely helps keeps us on our ‘A’ game, and allows us to learn from our mentors and teach the new guys.”

Stay tuned to see which lady pitmasters will grab the three remaining HOT PASSES to advance to the finals for a shot at $30,000 in cash and jewelry prizes in November!