Points Chase Finalist
KCBS Points Chase Finalist

Jen Wintermyer

Smokin’ Foolz

“It's scary and overwhelming but I can say even if I come in dead last, I will be honored to be in the running with such talented ladies.”

Pennsylvania pitmaster Jen Wintermyer pleads guilty when asked which Smokin’ Fools team member wanted to start competing in barbeque.

“It's completely my fault,” jokes Jen. “I've always been a griller and several years ago after buying a gas smoker and treating our neighbors to some barbeque, we went to check out our first-ever barbeque competition. My husband and I said to each ‘we can do this’ and bought our first professional equipment at that same competition.”

Jen is one of ten lady pitmasters that will battle it out in the Cowboy Charcoal Fire & Ice Women’s Barbeque Series championship in Orange Beach, Alabama this November. The two-day, ladies-only tournament will take place during the World Food Championships (WFC) at The Wharf. The winner of the Fire & Ice championship will take home a $10,000 prize pack, including some signature jewelry (the “ICE”) provided by Manning Jewelry of Fairhope, Alabama.

Team Smokin’ Foolz, comprised of Jen and her husband, has been competing in the barbeque circuit for several years. Now in their fifth season, Jen has stepped into a brand new role as head pitmaster.

“I was actually going to create my own team and compete against my husband but we thought financially that was a little too much... plus, we really do like competing together,” explained Jen.

One of the first decisions Jen made when she took over the team was to enter the ladies-only competition.

“It was the first thing I signed us up for as head pitmaster,” said Jen. “There are so few lady pitmasters who have a big platform to show off their talents, and it’s why a competition like this is needed in the community to help bring awareness.”

Jen also noted about her excitement for the opportunity to raise money during the competition for the charity of her choice, Tri-County Community Action. Cowboy Charcoal will match the Grand Prize earnings of the Fire & Ice Grand Champion with a check for $10,000 to the charity represented by the finalist. Additionally, the ladies have a chance to win a $5,000 donation for their selected charity through the #QueWithPurpose social media contest. Click here to view Jen’s video and cast your vote!

“I love the charity element this year. A contest like this gives an organization like mine a platform that they typically do not get,” explained Jen.

Jen just finished her 20th competition this year and is now starting to focus her attention on the fiery, female face-off that will occur in just a few weeks. This will be Jen’s first appearance at the Fire & Ice finals and WFC, but regardless of first-time nerves, she’s thrilled to be in the line-up amongst the other talented women.

“I'm totally freaking out in preparation for WFC. It's a stage I've never been on before,” said Jen. “It's scary and overwhelming but I can say even if I come in dead last, I will be honored to be in the running with such talented ladies.”

The 3rd Annual Cowboy Charcoal Fire & Ice Women’s Championship Barbeque Series will occur November November 9-11 at The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama. To learn more about how you can cheer on Jen and the other lady pitmasters at WFC, visit www.worldfoodchampionships.com.