Pitmaster: Kathryn Trainor
Team Members: Tom Trainor
Years Competing: 5
Hometown: Taunton
Website/Blog/Social Media: www.facebook.com/tbonebbqma

Favorite Recipe/Grilling Tips: Kathy is a well know Media influencer and has created recipes for national websites from Chicken to Pork, Desserts and more. Kathy understands that BBQ is about family and giving back. One of her first contests she had an unexpected medical emergency. She had to leave the event, others jumped in to finish her cook. From that day forward her BBQ has been all about being with her BBQ family, helping others in BBQ and giving back. From set up to breakdown, Kathy is the mastermind behind T-Bone BBQ calls in chicken, shrimp, pizza, ribs, brisket and much more. Kathy is from Massachusetts and enjoy all things food! She is a Teacher by day, Media Director by night and Mom all over. Her work can be found at www.fuggsandfoach.com