Pitmaster: Tiffany Patrick
Team Members: None
Years Competing: New Yeam
Hometown: Frederick, MD
Website/Blog/Social Media: thisgirlknowsmeat.com, www.facebook.com/thisgirlknowsmeat/, https://www.instagram.com/thisgirlknowsmeat/

Favorite Recipe/Grilling Tips: If you like blue cheese, this is a great recipe for a summer potato salad from bobby flay. I make one change and slice the red onions thicker and grill them, dicing the onions and tossing them in the salad rather than adDing them to the VINAIGRETTE. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/bobby-flay/grilled-red-potato-salad-with-bacon-blue-cheese-vinaigrette-recipe-1950353