Pitmaster: Theresa bell
Team Members: larry bell
Years Competing: beginning our 5th year of competitipn
Hometown: Virginia Beach
Website/Blog/Social Media:

Favorite Recipe/Grilling Tips: My favorite grilling tip: Stay true to yourself.! My name is Theresa Bell and I’m the pitmaster for Big Dog BBQ VA. My husband and BBQ partner is Larry. We currently reside in VA Beach, VA. As we begin our fifth season as a competition BBQ team we are able to look back and see how far we’ve come. Once we started cooking on a Myron Mixon V33 smoker our scores have improved greatly. Love this smoker! We are both Certified BBQ judges and Certified Table Captain’s. We became CBJ’s for a year before cooking. It seemed smart to see what was going on in the judge’s tent before we tried to send them award winning food! Cooking is my passion and I pretty much love everything about competition BBQ. I have been on the Board of Directors of the Mid Atlantic BBQ Association for the last 4 years. On weekends when I am not doing BBQ you will always find me in the kitchen. The last three seasons we have heard our names called and many walks to the stage, but are still reaching for that elusive GC. We won the chicken category at our very first competition in 2013. I won my first cooking competition in the 4th grade and since then it’s been full steam ahead! I became hooked on competition BBQ when there was a marathon of the first season of BBQ Pitmasters on TV. My mantra…Go big or go home! All in or all out! I love competition. We live in VA BCH with our Big Dog team mascot Hank- a big black Labrador Retriever! I work for the City of VA BCH in Human Services/Mental Health & Substance Abuse. I have two adult daughters that live in CA. One is a middle school Science teacher and one is a singer, dancer and actress. I couldn’t be any prouder of the fine women they have become. This BBQ dream of mine would not be possible without the unwavering support from my husband Larry. During the week, he is a Chief Principal Database Consultant for Oracle Corporation. Larry has two adult son’s one here in VA BCH and one in Illinois. My BBQ tip- Jump in, you’ll never know until you try! Web site: