Pitmaster: Amy Overbey
Team Members: Shawn Overbey, Joe Hilseberg
Years Competing: 6 years
Hometown: White Marsh, Maryland
Website/Blog/Social Media: http://

Favorite Recipe/Grilling Tips: I love to grill, smoke and eat all types of meat which you have probably already gathered from our team name. One of my absolute favorite foods to grill is whole fish. It makes a pretty impressive looking plate without too much fuss. You can choose any type of fish you like and the process is pretty much the same. For the recipe pictured below, I chose Bronzini. I brushed the in and outside of the fish with olive oil, salt and pepper. I then stuffed the inside with fresh herbs and citrus. The plate was garnished with tomatoes and fennel that had been tossed with a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and grilled until the tomatoes just popped. Seriously, so easy and oh so good!!!